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Buying Guide: Pots & Planters

Clare Haynes


So you want to treat your plant babies to new homes (aka pots and planters)? There are a few things to keep in mind first!

Size does in fact matter! Make sure the new pot is suitable for the plant you wish to re-pot in it. We recommend selecting a pot that is no larger than 3-5cm wider than the root ball of the plant, however no smaller than the root ball of your plant.

Material; the material that the pot is made of is an important factor in determining if the pot is suitable for your plant! Terracotta and unglazed planters will wick moister out of the soil and may cause roots to dry out faster. We recommend avoiding the use of terracotta planters with Calatheas, Begonias, Syngoniums and Spathiphyllum.

Style baby, style! Make sure that any pot or planter you have in mind suits your personal style, A plant collection (and its pots) should reflect its owner's style. We love the look of messy overgrown plant collections with lots of different coloured, shaped and textured pots!

Need some help picking the right pot? We can help simply pop us a message or look to our recent Instagram pictures to see which planters we are currently loving!

We have a huge range of pots and planters available online; including cute animals planters, simple neutral coloured pots and uniquely textured pots! All pots and planters purchased online are guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition, we pack our pots with love and care!

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