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Houseplant Care Guide: Alocasia

Clare Haynes


Popular due to their showy leaves, Alocasia are a unique Aroid that is sure to stand out in any plant collection. Distinguished as Alocasia due to their long stems with a large showy leaf, often highly textured, patterned or coloured. Some popular varieties include: Alocasia Dragon Scale, Alocasia Black Velvet and Alocasia Zebrina.


Note: many Alocasia go dormant in winter, meaning they may lose some or all of their leaves until warmer weather.


To keep your Alocasia happy simply follow these easy tips!


Light: Alocasia like bright indirect light. Unsure what that means? Bright indirect light is in between full sun lighting and shade, or 4-6 hours of partially shaded light.


Water: Keep moist, however, take caution to not overwater or allow the soil to become soggy or waterlogged as Alocasia are prone to root rot. It is also recommended that you water less in cooler months and water regularly during warm weather.


Nutrients: Feed regularly, following the instructions and dosage specified by the houseplant fertiliser. We recommend using Plant Runner plant food or We the Wild 'Grow' liquid plant food.


 Difficulty: Medium


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