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Houseplant Care Guide: Begonia

Clare Haynes


One of our favourite species of plants, Begonias are often brightly coloured and available in a variety of different unique patterns textures! Some of our favourite Begonias are: Begonia Maculata, Begonia Indian Summer and Begonia Medora.


To keep your Begonia happy simply follow these easy tips!


Light: Begonia like bright indirect light. Unsure what that means? Bright indirect light means 4-6 hours of consistent light per day, often sat away from a window.


Water: Keep moist, however, take caution to not overwater or allow the soil to become soggy or waterlogged.


Nutrients: Feed regularly, following the instructions and dosage specified by the houseplant fertiliser. We recommend using Plant Runner plant food or We the Wild 'Grow' liquid plant food.

Other: Begonias may benefit from humidity and prefer warm weather. Ensure your Calathea is placed away from cold drafts.


Difficulty: Hard


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