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Houseplant Care Guide: Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily

Clare Haynes


A classic houseplant, Peace lilies or Spathiphyllum are extremely popular due to their fuss-free nature, neglectable nature and lush green leaves . Know for unique white blooms and fast-growing tendencies. Common Varieties of Spathiphyllum include Spathiphyllum Domino, Spathiphyllum Benito, Spathiphyllum Mist and Spathiphyllum Variegated.


To keep your Spathiphyllum plant happy simply follow these easy tips!


Light: Spathiphyllum like bright indirect light, and are known to survive low to zero light situations. Perfect for offices with no windows.


Water: Spathiphyllum prefer to be kept moist however will survive drying out between waterings. If leaves are flopped or puckered, soak well with water until leaves return to their usual upright position.


Nutrients: Feed regularly, following the instructions and dosage specified by the houseplant fertiliser. We recommend using Plant Runner plant food or We the Wild 'Grow' liquid plant food.


Difficulty: Very Easy


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