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Houseplant Care Guide: Zanzibar

Clare Haynes


One of, if not the easiest species, Zanzibar or ZZ plants fuss-free and thrive on neglect. Common varieties include Zanzibar Gem and Zanzibar Zenzii. Zanzibar Plants are perfect for new plant parents or anyone who does not have experience with houseplants.

To keep your Zanzibar plant happy simply follow these easy tips!

Light: Zanzibar like bright indirect to low light. Zanzibar plants thrive on neglect and are perfect for low light spaces (e.g. offices).

Water: Zanzibar are easy to care for, however, may rot due to overwatering; we suggest only watering once every 1-2 months, ensuring the soil has completely dried out before watering.

Nutrients: No need to feed regularly. Feed every 6-12 months.

Difficulty: Very Easy


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