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Houseplant Care Guide: Calathea

Clare Haynes


One of our favourite species of plants, Calatheas are often brightly coloured available in a variety of different unique patterns and textures! Some of our favourite Calathea's are: Calathea Ornata, Calathea Beauty Star, Calathea Freddy and Calathea Vitta.

To keep your Calathea happy simply follow these easy tips!

Light: Calathea like bright indirect light. Unsure what that means? Bright indirect light is in between full sun lighting and shade.

Water: Keep moist, however, take caution to not overwater or allow the soil to become soggy or waterlogged. It is also recommended that you water less in cooler months and water regularly during warm weather.

Nutrients: Feed regularly, following the instructions and dosage specified by the houseplant fertiliser. We recommend using Plant Runner plant food or We the Wild 'Grow' liquid plant food.

Other: Calatheas may benefit from humidity and prefer warm weather. Ensure your Calathea is placed away from cold drafts.

Difficulty: Medium

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