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Houseplant Care Guide Syngonium

Clare Haynes

Sometimes also known as an arrowhead plant. Syngonium can trail, climb or even clump: making them extremely versatile! Super easy to care for and fast-growing, Syngoiums are available in a wide range of varieties, including, Syngonium Neon, Syngonium White Butterfly and Syngonium Silver Pearl. 

To keep your Syngonium plant happy simply follow these easy tips!

Light: Syngoniums like bright indirect light.

Water: Keep moist, watering more during summer and spring and allowing the soil to slightly dry out between waterings.

Nutrients: Feed regularly, following the instructions and dosage specified by the houseplant fertiliser. We recommend using Plant Runner plant food or We the Wild 'Grow' liquid plant food.

Other: Syngoniums are easy to propagate, simply snip below a node and place in water until roots form.

Difficulty: Easy

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