Change from Sphagnum to Coco Coir

Clare Haynes


We just wanted to explain the changes you may notice with your order.

Usually, we would use damp sphagnum moss in place of soil in order to ensure the plant stays healthy and hydrated during transit! We have had fantastic success with this method and hope to return to it as soon as possible.

Unfortunately the flow-on effects of the global pandemic has caused shortages of sphagnum moss- even big chain store are feeling the struggle! We have continued to source the moss from virtually any source we could and that has worked for quite some time now- however over the last two weeks we discovered this is no longer sustainable and there simply is no moss!

With a slight panic, we set out to find the best alternative to ensure we were still giving our customers the same experience they are used to- this lead us to Coco Coir which is lightweight, fantastic at holding moister and extremely versatile! Until further notice, all orders will be shipped with damp coco coir in place of soil in order to mimic the benefits of sphagnum moss.

We still recommend repotting your new plant/s as soon as possible into a premium well-draining potting mix- this will ensure your plant/s stays healthy and happy. Coir simply cannot sustain plant growth for long .

We hope this helps answer any questions you may have about the temporary change to Coco coir- if you have any other concerns please feel free to email us- period

Much love team Houseplant Boutique.

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