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Our values help guide how we conduct business and the ways in which we interact with our customers, they are as follows:

Purpose: We aim to provide only the highest quality plants, pots and care accessories online to plant enthusiasts across Australia.

Passion: We are plant lovers just like you! We like to think that we can provide helpful advice and offer the products that plant parents are looking for.

Environment: We are an environmentally conscious business, we aim to reduce wastage and plastic usage as much as possible, working with suppliers to reduce packaging; where possible. Recent measures include the removal of styrofoam packaging for incoming pots and planters from our suppliers (using thick cardboard instead to keep breakables safe!) collection and donation of damaged and low-quality goods to reduce wastage, and use of recycled and recyclable packing (shipping boxes and packing paper).

Honesty and Trust: We always want to be transparent with our customers, ensuring that we only represent the truth. If and when a mistake is made we believe in taking ownership and making the situation better. We are conscious of the impact that decisions we make might have, ensuring that we do not falsely represent our brand. We understand that our customers trust us and we have a responsibility to deal with all orders and customers with integrity.

Gratitude: We are always extremely thankful for the support our amazing customers give us! We love to reward our customers from time to time and build deep and meaningful relationships with anyone who interacts with our business.