Aglaonema Night Sparkle

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Aglaonema Night Sparkle
Aglaonema Night Sparkle
Aglaonema Night Sparkle

Super stunning foliage and super easy to care for- a must for any plant collector! 

This pant is housed in a 130mm pot.

Note this item can only be shipped to QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, and SA due to quarantine laws. Plants may be shipped bare-root or potted depending on weather and other factors. There is a risk with ordering plants online however we do our best to ensure all packages arrive safely! 


An attractive foliage plant with a spectacularly patterned foliage that will add a lush tropical feel.

GROWING – This plant performs best in a moist but well drained potting medium in a warm filtered light interior location. To maintain quality, water and liquid feed more frequently during the warmer months.

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